Dr. Paige Rodeghero

Dr. Paige Rodeghero (ROD-Eh-GAIR-oh) is an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing, Computer Science Division, at Clemson University where she leads the HFSE research team. In addition, she is affiliated with Clemson’s Human Factors Institute. Previously, she was a a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame, where she was advised by Dr. Collin McMillan. Her current research is in the area of software engineering, program comprehension, evolution and maintenance, SE for autism, and software bots. She received the ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ICSE 2014. See her website for additional information.

PhD Students

James Dominic

James Dominic is a Ph.D. candidate at Clemson University's School of Computing. He completed his Bachelor’s in Technology and Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, and his Master's in Computer Science at Clemson University's School of Computing. Before joining Clemson, he worked as an Oracle Apps Technical Consultant at the World Health Organization (WHO). In the Fall of 2018, he joined the HFSE team and explored the use of Virtual Reality (VR) for software engineering. His current research focuses on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to create bots for software engineers. James, in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Begel at Microsoft Research, is conducting a virtual coding camp at Clemson for incoming freshmen with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD). In his free time, he enjoys hiking and reef keeping.

Ella Kokinda

Ella Kokinda is a Computer Science PhD student at Clemson University Zucker Family Graduate Center in Charleston, South Carolina. She joined the HFSE team in the Fall of 2020. She recieved her Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Clemson University and is working on her Master's en-route to her PhD. Before returning to Clemson for her PhD, she worked in civil service for the Department of the Navy for five years focusing on cybersecurity and on a Naval Innovative Science & Engineering (NISE) funded research project. When not working on lab or class work she enjoys designing things to be laser cut and etched, sewing a costume, or playing video games.

Makayla Moster

Makayla Moster is a Computer Science Ph.D. student at Clemson University. She joined the HFSE team in the Summer of 2020. She received her Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and completed her Master's in Computer Science en-route to her Ph.D. at Clemson University. Her current research interests involve software engineering education, accessibility, productivity, and remote work. In her free time, she enjoys reading novels, crocheting, playing video games, and tending to her houseplants.

Matthew Re

Matthew Re is a Human Centered Computing Ph.D. student at Clemson University. He joined the HFSE team in the Fall of 2021. He received his Bachelor's in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina in Columbia. His current research interests involve accessability and education in computer science, human-computer interaction, and online versus in-person work and learning. In his free time, he enjoys walking the Greenville trails, video games, and picking up the destruction left behind by his cat.

Undergraduate Students

Christopher Jacob Broom
Taylor Christina Le

Alumni & Previous Student Collaborators

Rafael DeJesus, B.S. Computer Science, 2020
H. David Gleaton, B.S. Computer Science, 2021
Jada Houser, B.S. Computer Science and Economics, 2022
Charles Ritter, B.S. Computer Science, 2020
Colton Smith, B.S. Computer Science, 2022
Millon McLendon, B.S. Computer Science, 2021
John Zarnowski, B.S. Computer Science, 2022