Dr. Paige Rodeghero

Paige Rodeghero is a Visiting Researcher at Microsoft Research and an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing, Computer Science Division, at Clemson University where she leads the HFSE research team. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame, where she was advised by Dr. Collin McMillan. Her current research is in the area of software engineering, program comprehension, evolution and maintenance, testing, and software bots. She received the ACM Distinguished Paper Award at ICSE 2014. She has published many top tier conference and journal papers. See her professional website for additional information.

PhD Students

James Dominic

James Dominic is a PhD student at Clemson University's School of Computing. He joined the team in Fall 2018 and helps the team build Virtual Reality (VR) applications for research projects. He completed his Bachelor’s in Technology and Engineering in Computer Science and Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, and his Master's in Computer Science at Clemson University's School of Computing. He worked on enterprise resource planning software for the World Health Organization (WHO) before starting at Clemson. He uses artificial intelligence to develop tools which will assist people in their everyday work life. He is an audiophile and enjoys hiking.

Brock Tubre

Brock Tubre is a PhD student who joined the HFSE team in the Spring of 2019. He began the program with a Bachelor's of Computer Science from Louisiana Tech University and a Master's in Computer Science from Louisiana State University Shreveport. Brock is an experienced software developer and technical instructor currently instructing at A Cloud Guru. Before joining the HFSE team, he worked on enterprise software solutions for the US government. Building software and teaching the world about cloud computing are his professional passions. When he is not researching, developing or teaching, he enjoys speed solving puzzle cubes (even blind solving), homebrewing craft beer and playing baseball.

Dane Acena

Dane Acena is a PhD student in Human-Centered Computing at Clemson University. He focuses on developing and researching the use of immersive virtual reality for training. He joined the HFSE team in Spring of 2020. He received a Bachelor's of Computer Science from Benedict College.

Undergraduate Students

Colton Smith

Colton is Smith is an undergraduate at Clemson University studying Computer Science and Digital Production Arts. He joined the HFSE team in Fall of 2018. Outside of the lab, he is currently doing research in the field of computer graphics and cloth simulation, and pushing for a full-paper publication in SIGGRAPH. He was a founding member of Clemson University's makerspace and also serves as an officer for the virtual reality club.

Jada Houser

Jada Houser is an undergraduate at Clemson University pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and minors in Economics and Mandarin Chinese. She joined the HFSE team in the Summer of 2019. When not in the lab, Jada serves as Chief Design Officer for the Sadie Collective, a non-profit focused on building a pipeline for Black women in Economics and other quantitative fields. Her professional interests include data science, financial stability, and monetary policy. In her free time, she works on various types of design.


Charles Ritter

B.S. Computer Science, 2020

Rafael DeJesus

B.S. Computer Science, 2020